Just one word 3d appliqué

I’m excited to be offering kits for my new embroidery pattern, Just One Word! As I was assembling the kits to ship this week, I thought I would put together a quick tutorial on using double sided fusible webbing. Specifically, Lite Steam-a-Seam 2, since that’s what I’m including in the kits.


Just One Word embroidery-and-steam-a-seam

This fusible webbing is a little different than some others because it has 2 sheets of paper with the webbing sandwiched in between. The reason is that the webbing has a very light adhesive on the back which allows it to be positioned and re-positioned on your work. Let me demonstrate!

When you use Lite Steam-a-Seam2, you’ll notice that one side has a yellow grid printed on it. This is the side that you’ll trace the appliqué shapes onto. You can see through it so simply lay it on top of your  printedPDF templates and trace with a pen or pencil.


Next, cut the traced shape out loosely. Peel off the plain (non grid) paper backing, making sure that the webbing is stuck to the grid paper with the tracing.

Stick the tracing onto the appliqué fabric. Because it has a light adhesive, it’s easily moveable.


Next, fuse it in place with an iron set on the wool setting since this is wool felt (or for whatever fabric you are using).

With sharp scissors, trim out the shape on the traced line.


Now when you peel off the grid paper, your shape will have the webbing attached to it. And it will be tacky enough to stick in place and reposition if needed.

Once you have your appliqué shape where you want it, you can fuse it into place on your background with an iron.



And that’s how to use double sided fusible webbing for appliqués! I used the webbing for every element in this design except for the 3D banner tails and the fuchsia flower center. If you’re interested the PDF pattern for the Just One Word embroidery, it’s available in my shop as well as the kit!