Hanging Ornament Display by Betz White

Many of you have been making ornaments with me for years. Some of you have amassed quite the collection!

With this in mind, I’ve created a special display to highlight a growing collection of handmade felt ornaments.

Introducing my Hanging Ornament Display!

Of course ornaments look amazing on the tree, but sometimes I want to spread the joy around my home in other creative ways.

The interlocking set of brackets is crafted in the US from laser cut birch wood and holds 4-9 ornaments. It’s easy to set up and can hang from the ceiling (I used a removable Command Hook!), plant hook, light fixture, etc.

Hanging felt ornament display

I love the clean modern look of it. It’s like a kinetic holiday sculpture!

Hanging Ornament Display with twine

The display comes with red and white baker’s twine for hanging, wrapped around a snowflake-shaped wooden bobbin. They are available now in my shop, limited supply. (Ornaments not included!)