This morning I sent an email to the members of my Ornament of the Month Club telling them how much I appreciate them.

Being a part of this annual tradition is about more than just “making ornaments”. It’s about tapping in to our creative selves collectively as we celebrate the season of giving. It’s about taking a moment to slow down and play with needle and thread, a tradition as old as time.

To show my gratitude, I designed a surprise bonus project, just for Club members!

Letter Board Gnome project

With the holidays coming and guests visiting, I thought we could all use a little decorative display that’s super fast and easy to put together! Seriously, you could probably make this in less than an hour.

Have you played around with letter boards? The cool thing is, felt cut outs cling to letter boards and can be repositioned or swapped out. With a little felt, glue and some optional embroidery, you can add this sweet little gnome and toadstools to yours! (Don’t have a letter board? I’ll show you other options!)

This special bonus will ONLY be available to members during the month of November 2021! Join the Ornament of the Month Club before December 1st to access the bonus!

If you’re not already a member of the OOMC, I hope you’ll consider joining!