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I’ve spent the past few weeks indulging myself with some creative play and the result is a new collection of fiber art I’m calling Wool + Iron!

Wool + Iron is an exploration of vintage materials inspired by my grandmother’s collection of antique iron rests.

I experimented with wrapping, stitching and crocheting brightly colored wool yarn to create a collection of one-of-a-kind wall hangings.

I love the unexpected contrast of the dark, hard iron accented with the bright soft yarn.

And I love the history of the antique iron rest, giving a nod to sewing and domestic work.

Each piece is truly unique and one of a kind. I took my time carefully choosing colors and materials.

Some wall hangings have wool felt appliqué, some a small bit of embroidery and a few felted wool balls for pop!

This is a small collection of 6 numbered studies. I’m excited to share them with you and offer them for sale in my shop.

Each comes with its own iron hook and screw for hanging.

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