embroidered floral tapestry

Introducing the Merriweather Tapestry PDF Pattern! My embroidery experimentation on knits has found its way to wall hangings! (Why should weavers have all of the fun?)

This super-simple chunky-knit tapestry is the perfect canvas for big bold yarny-stitching. It’s a small, portable project that just begs for stash-diving into your favorite yarns and colors.

The instructions include both the pointed banner shape with a tassel and a rectangular version with fringe. Options!

bright embroidered tapestry

The name Merriweather means “sunny disposition” so I thought it was pretty fitting for this design that’s got such a vibrant splashy vibe!

Once the background is knit (simple garter stitch, easy peasy!) the embroidery image is applied using rinse-away stabilizer. Each embroidery stitch is illustrated and described, plus I link to helpful video tutorials. (Stay tuned for a few more youtube updates in the coming week!)

From there it’s up to you to design your own palette, pulling from your stash yarns or creating something new with tapestry wool yarns.

gray and blue embroidered tapestry

After the embroidery is complete, the stabilizer rinses away and viola! You’re ready to add the fringe or tassel to the bottom and the dowel and hanger at the top.

I hope you enjoy making one of your own and I can’t wait to see! Grab the pattern now, in my shop!

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