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Did you have a NO! sweater?

Any of you ages 35-45 should remember what I am talking about. I mean, if you were cool and everything.

Back in the day, I thought this sweater was a major find. Bright, oversized, giant graffiti applique…what could be better?

NO! was a line of jeans from the 80’s. At least, I thought they were from the 80’s until I dug the sweater out. Now what’s the date there on the back? 1992!?!? I’m horrified this look seeped into the 90’s. But then again, what did I care? I was partying like it was 1999!

(BTW, for the photo I was planning on wearing a banana clip in my hair for a mohawk-esque waterfall pony tail. Those things never worked on my hair anyway. Too thick. After about 5 minutes the clip would fling open under the pressure and boomerang across the room…)

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  • Jenn Maruska

    Remember when people let one small piece of their hair grow longer in the back than the rest and then braided it. That was the “cool” look in my highschool back then.

    : ) Thanks for the flashback!!!


  • cristina

    i’m afraid. very very afraid.

  • susan b anderson

    NO! I did not. I had lots of other “cool” stuff though. What a weird time that was, so over-the-top with everything. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Dawn

    I was/am an 80’s child!! I graduated from High school in 1987! I still listen to 80’music!! Okay I don’t wear the clothes!! I use to wer the banana clips in my hair!! I had to finally stop wearing them because they would give me head ache!! Those were the days?!! I also had a “tail” in my really short hair!! I did have to braid it for when I had to preform! I always had a silver little ribbon on my tail!!

  • cruststation

    This top is wild :)

  • Saucy

    I had a NO sweater! I live in Canada and of course before the internet, it was pretty hard to get. My mother brought it back from one of her wonderful trips to the US. It was green with giant rhinestones on it and of course the fabled button. I saved it. I wore it with royal blue suede walking shorts and flat boots of royal blue leather with fancy cutouts and studs all over them. too fancy!

  • Saucy

    I still have my NO sweater and won’t part with it just in case my daughter needs a good laugh or an 80’s costume someday! Mine was green with giant rhinestones on swirly appliques. I wore it with royal blue suede “walking shorts” whatever those are, and flat-heeled royal blue leather boots with funny holes and slashes cut in them and studs all over the calf. I wish I had a photo of THAT!

  • Sandy

    I found your site through the Whip Up link, and scrolled down to find this post. I didn’t have any No! sweaters, but I did have a pair of No! overalls and I loved, loved, loved them. I actually do still have them, they no longer fit and are very dated in style, but I just can’t part with them.

  • Anonymous

    If anyone has a no! Sweater they can part with let me know which one it is and the price!!!! I’m dying for one!!!! If anyone could help out it would be so appreciated!!!! Email [email protected]!!!! Thanks!!! Wish me luck!!!! :)

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