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Ok, I’m not really into the “meme” thing (in fact, I don’t even really know what that means…) but i think I might be starting one. This was spurred on by a few recent comments I’ve received from people telling me I look like someone else. In fact, I have people telling me I look like someone they know all the time. Most times it’s an acquaintance of theirs, who I don’t know, so I’m left saying something like, “Oh, really? I guess I have a twin”. Then there are the celebrity look-a-like comments.

When I had short hair and Princess Diana ruled, I looked like her. (especially when I walked around wearing my tiara)

When the show Mad About You was popular, I looked like Helen Hunt.

Intermittently, (but rarely, as she is less likely to be in the media) I looked like Virginia Madsen…

And a few years ago, at my last job I had a co-worker who insisted on calling me SJP…Sarah Jessica Parker.

Got blonde hair? Interesting and/or prominent nose? Dead ringer…

This is one of my favorite things to ask other people. I think it’s so revealing to hear who people are told that they look like and how they feel about it.

So tell me, who’s your celebrity look-a-like?

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  • robyn

    i get winona ryder all. the. time.

    it doesn’t matter how old i am, how long or short (or what color) my hair is. we are, apparently, twins.

    in fact, in my high school yearbook when i was a senior, they had a page they called “They think they’re stars” and all the others were based on attitude, and then there was this picture of me next to winona, looking like we’re twins. it was freaky.

    and now i must post about it to my blog, with comparative pictures for everyone to judge.

  • Carrie Sue

    I get Steffi Graf when my hair is blonde and Molly Ringwald when it’s red. But I don’t think they look like each other. Strange. And of course, these beautiful ladies have aged better than I. Oh well.

  • stacysews

    Bette Midler. I’m a bit of a thinner version, but the similarities are definitely there.

    Too bad I don’t live in Vegas, I could do one of those celebrity impersonation shows! LOL

  • Betz White

    Carrie Sue,
    Yes,well…we are REAL people without stylists that follow us around primping us!

    Ha! I have gotten Bette Midler too!

  • NStreicher

    I get Helen Hunt too – so maybe I look like you! I also get Jodi Foster and when I was younger (and she was younger) Annette O’Toole. That aside, I wanted to let you know that I saw the article about you and your book in the Frederick Post (I guess we’re both Marylanders!) and it came out very nice. Also wanted to mention that there’s a great, HUGE thrift shop in Rockville called Second Hand Rose.

  • Karen

    Sarah Brightman (in the days when my hair was curly and long.

    Annette Benning these days.

  • daisyjanie

    Julia Roberts. More in my 20s than my 30s, but I don’t mind – I think she’s the picture of good health and vibrant happiness.

    My husband used to get that, “you look so familiar…” comment a lot. I nicknamed him ‘the common man.” And we found a restaurant in NH with that same nickname!

  • Katherine

    I get ‘that blonde girl from Scrubs’. Verbatim. All the time.

  • Anna van Schurman

    In high school, I got Nastassja Kinski a lot, esp around the time of Cat People. Once, much later in life, coworkers were discussing “Who’d play you in the movie of your life?” and while Janeane Garofalo was widely agreed upon for me, someone told me I looked like Kathy Najimy.

  • kristin

    this is sooo funny! i just had to play along.

    it’s always been hard for ME to see the resemblance that others see, but when when you hear it again and again from different people, you start to believe it a little.

  • KristenMary

    LOL! When I was young people said I looked like Shirley from “LaVerne and Shirley”. :-) But I don’t know who I look like now!

  • Annie

    Ok, you’ve gotta go do this
    Celebrity Morph. It’s fun to see who they pick out for you! Some are close…some not so. I mean last time I checked, I don’t think I was a guy ;)

  • greetingarts

    Okay, so I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what “meme” means? Whew.

  • crust station

    This is such a cool post…it’s a shame I don’t look like any celebrities :)

  • Suzanne

    When I was very young and very thin it was Cher, and then it was the lead singer from Heart. These days it would probably be Roseanne!

    Another interesting question would be what celebrity would you like to look like? For me it has always been Isabella Rosellini.

  • flipfloppingmamma

    I just went to the my heritage website and apparently I look like a lot of men celebs. Going to have to make some changes I guess…haha!

    I’ve been told I look a little like Terri Clark the country singer but I don’t know.


  • Carolyn

    Wow, I can totally see the Helen Hunt in you. :)
    I have heard Jennifer Lopez but only when I’ve watched The Wedding Planner with other people. I think it is the way she wears her hair.

  • King Carmen

    I never usually get told I look like anybody else (zat a good thing?), but we once sat with a group of friends and decided to come up with celebrity lookalikes for each other, and I got the rose from Alice in Wonderland. I’m strangely chuffed with that.

  • Julie

    I used to get Meryl Streep a lot! According to the celebrity look-alike page, not only do I look like her, but also Larry King! Hmmm…I’ll take Meryl any day, although now that I have short hair, I never get that comment anymore.

  • Jan

    I don’t look like a celebrity. But all my life I’ve been told I look like someone else. Aunt, Cousin, fav school teacher, librarian, old neighbor, the list goes on and on.

  • C.E.R.
  • Blakely

    I can’t remember being told that I looked like a celebrity, but several years ago (like 15) I was told that I looked like some girl on MTV Spring Break. I wasn’t, but apparently someone who looked like me was. I do get alot of “how do I know you?” or “you look so familiar?” or “are you a teacher?” My response is always, “have a common face”

  • emilyruth

    apparently i look like alot of people’s friends, actually alot of people’s sister’s friends…similar to what you said
    ‘you look like my sister’s friend’
    ‘oh. wow. thanks?’

  • gkgirl

    winona ryder here too…
    the black hair i guess…
    and i once got asked
    where “my people” come from
    because they thought
    i was from another country…

    and a girl in a blue rodeo video…

    i dunno.

    i always felt like i looked like
    bushroot on the darkwing duck


  • Anonymous

    I used to always get Linda Carter (Wonder Woman)–thing is–I could kind of see it, too.
    Family thinks I look like my aunt and others think my niece looks just like me–

  • Kyle Lynn

    so I get Kelly Clarkson, Paula Abdul and Tiffany Amber Thiessen! I had a friend in High School that got Ricky Lake all the time and she wans’t even a big girl….

  • Sarah

    I get people asking me where they know me from all the time, so I think I have one of those “familiar” faces.

    Funnily, I look nothing like SJP but I get that fairly often from my friends. Something to do with my manner, dress sense and general quirkiness.

  • the aesthetic onion

    Mostly I get. “I think I know you” but I really don’t think they do.

    Occasionally I get Alyson Hannigan. In fact when my hair was red I got approached by people on the street think I was her.

  • knitsteel

    I don’t hear it very often, but I did like hearing that I look like Emma Thompson.

  • Dawn Elizableth

    People I know, see someone who looks like me whenever they are out. Then a friend pointed out I look like a young Catherine Keener.

  • Bugzmommy

    Fun! I have gotten told I look like Sandra Bullock a lot…I think it is the nose and dark hair, but who knows!

    My husband gets told he looks like Scott Foley – I think he does too, but only Scott Foley as he appears on “The Unit.” In fact, an older woman was ‘stalking’ him in the grocery store one day thinking that my husband WAS Scott Foley. My husband did not know this at the time but it turns out this woman is a realtor and did some business with us and when she saw my husband she kinda giggled and then told us the story! It was cute actually.

  • Carrie

    When I was a (lot) younger and skinnier and had a perm I used to get Mariah Carey all the time.. but haven’t heard that one in a while!! :)

  • Steph

    I’ve also been told that I look like Helen Hunt, which made me wonder if I have a big forehead. =) And Elane from Seinfeld, and the brunette from Sex & The City… can’t remember her name.

  • A bird in the hand

    Elizabeth Taylor and I don’t have violet eyes. A 14-year-old even once told me I looked like Taylor.

    I usually say “yes, Elizabeth Taylor gone wrong!!”

  • pam

    Ever since the movie Speed came out I am constantly told I look like Sandra Bullock. Even though I am about 20 lbs heavier than I was when that movie came out I still get it. Funny cause I don’t think Sandra has gained a pound in the last ten years.Hmmm… whatever, people see what they see I guess.

  • Jennifer

    I just went to the site that annie suggested and I look like Janene Garafolo, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV version), some other people and Johnny Depp.

  • Colleen

    In high school, it was Princess Fergie. Now it is Rosie.

  • Shona~ LALA dex press

    In the late 80’s I was skiing + mistaken for Debbie Gibson. I really don’t look a thing like her, but I have been told on several occasions, throughout my life, that I remind people of Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club. Damn, I was going for Molly Ringwald!

    This is a fun post.

  • Peggy

    Hi, there. I’m a newbie to your blog and also to felting, but I enjoy checking in from time to time. I just had to play along–I’m probably a bit older than most of your “readers,” but I get Cybil Shepherd and Jodi Foster from time to time… and the “you look familiar” line, too. Thanks for sharing your felting tips–I just bought the felting needle tool and mat and can’t wait to try them!

  • PumpkinGirl

    Well, I used to get Molly Ringwald in my younger days. It’s funny, everyone always said that about my sister, too, but I understood it more since she was a redhead. So go figure! Guess it’s not just the hair!

  • Romy

    Betz – I have a prominent nose and used to have blonde hair (now red!) – so I received the same look-a-like comments as you…Princess Di, Helen Hunt, etc. Also in my “repertoire” – Chris Evert, Glenn Close, Martha Stewart…it depended what my hair style was at the time.

    My husband supposedly looks like Kevin Bacon and Mark Wahlberg…

  • iSew


    I used to get Melissa Gilbert and then it was Jamie Lee Curtis. I don’t look like anyone famous now, my hair is terrible.

  • Dawn

    I use to get Kam Basinger all the time….worst part was…I didn’t really like her that much!!!! Oh well…at least they say we look like pretty people!

  • Lynn Anne

    Okay. I wasn’t going to respond. But then today I saw a pic of a celeb I’v never heard of because if I didn’t know better I’d SWEAR that was me (when my hair was longer). weird!
    So when I was 10 I had lots of freckles and a bowl cut, and a classmate told me I looked like Peppermint Patty (of Peanuts fame)…in high school I was told I looked like Molly Ringwald. Now I look like this chick:


    Adele is her name, never heard of her till this morning!



  • Melissa

    I’m quite often asked if, or compared to, Jessica Biel. I don’t see it ’cause she’s super hot and a gorgeous movie star dating Justin Timberlake, but even my boyfriend said i did, so i guess i’ll pretend i see it and bask in the glory for a moment!

  • abc-rags

    Your post is hilariously funny! It reminds me of the statement “It tastes like chicken.” It’s a stretch!

  • Blogging Molly

    I was Elizabeth Shue in junior high (think Adventures in Babysitting, not Leaving Las Vegas), and just last year I got several Lindsay Lohan comments. Too funny, as I’m much older and wear more clothes.

  • Kate

    When my hair is short I’m princess Diana. I take it as a compliment. I don’t think I look like anyone else though.

  • Jacqueline deRuyter

    Great question! I’m not sure how I feel about this but…I’ve heard Meryl Streep (when she was much younger) and Tori Spelling (yea, I know.)

    People tell my husband that he looks just like Tom Brady (Pats quarterback.)

  • Kai

    As a teen, I was a Patty Duke look-a-like! People asked me all the time if we were related. Now, the only ‘famous’ person I look like is Ma Kettle. Yeah, I know. You and your blog readers are most likely unaware of who she is – Marjorie Main was her real name. Trust me – NOT someone whose looks a person would WANT to have. LOL! But you DO resemble all but one of the ladies shown. You are as pretty as them & WAY prettier than Sarah Jessica Parker!

  • Kineret WillowGreene

    Over the years at different times and places I’ve been told I look like Isabella Rossellini. And once someone said I looked like Connie Neilsen. I wish I looked like Bjork.

  • Betz White

    You guys are too much! I had no idea I was in the presence of such fame, beauty, and most of all great senses of humor! Thanks for the laughs…

  • PamperingBeki

    Anyone else remember the show Clarissa Explains it All on Nickelodeon in the 90’s? I constantly was told I looked just like Melissa Joan Hart.

    Then several years back when the movie American Beauty came out, I looked just like “that girl from American Beauty”. No one knew her name and I would answer, “Yes, Mena Suvari”.

  • Honeygo Beasley

    How about Ellen D. the talk show host?

  • CB

    I tagged myself from your post. This was fun. I can totally see Helen Hunt.

  • Nichole

    I must be pretty generic, because people think they know me “from somewhere” all the time. The most frequent celebrity look-alike I get is Steffi Graf.

  • Alicia P.

    One time a very drunk bum on the street in Chicago staggered toward me and shouted, “Wellll if it isn’t the illustrious Miss Sophia Loren!” but then he fell over a fence and passed out so I . . . don’t really take it as the compliment I’d like to. . . .

  • Alicia P.

    My sister always says that Andy looks like Sinbad the Entertainer. I counter by telling her that her husband looks like Radar from M*A*S*H. Well he does.

  • Anonymous

    In the days when my hair was long and curly, people thought I looked like Stevie Nicks.

    Great blog, by the way!

  • Georgia Woodson

    I get Lindsay Lohan a ton. Of which I have pondered just like you…


    Half the time I see it as compliment, half the time not.

    I was just stunned though when one woman told me she hoped I was a better person that Lindsay is. WOW.

  • glittergoods

    This is what I have heard; marrisa tomei, kimberly williams, ashley judd (when we both had short hair) and christina applegate – what? I am a brunette, I think. Honestly my hair color would now be classified as gray!

  • Heather

    When my hair was shorter and Clinton was in office I was told often I looked like Hillary C.

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