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I know it’s waaaay too early to start talking about the release of my second book (we’re talking April!) but I just discovered that Sewing Green is now available on Amazon for pre-order. Besides, I HAD to share the cover. That’s my beautiful niece, Alice!

How she came to grace the cover was quite serendipitous. There was a last minute model cancellation and a resultant scramble. Rapid fire emails and phone calls ensued. Tenuous weather and rigid photo shoot schedules all somehow came together in the end. Alice was accommodating, professional and generous with her time. I’m so appreciative of her. And I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel to see her face on the cover of my book. It somehow makes the whole “book experience” more meaningful to me. I just love it. *sigh*

Ok, enough already with the proud Auntie routine. On to the give-away. Thank you for participating this week! The randomly-chosen winner is Alessia of beads and tricks! Congratulations, your new bug-a-loo buddies will be on their way out to you next week.

And speaking of bugs, your stories…oh your stories! I truly enjoyed them. They ran the gamut from gross to endearing. I suppose I should share a bug story, just to round things out. Let’s just say in college I had a lot of experience with roaches…ugh! Then there were the 17 year cicadas that tormented the city of Cincinnati one summer. I learned that if your screen has a hole in it, it’s not considered a screen.

If you didn’t win this week’s give-away, there’s always next week! Come back Monday 11/3 for another. Meanwhile, the BIG “buyer’s appreciation” give-away over in the shop goes through Thanksgiving. Check it out!

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  • amanda

    Betz – it’s GORGEOUS!!! That green! Ack! So good. And your niece is beautiful – a perfect cover model. ;) What a treat it must be to have her gracing the cover – making the whole experience just all that much sweeter, I bet.

  • Jen

    I’m really excited about your upcoming book! The cover looks great and your niece looks perfect. Thank you for all your wonderful crafts and inspiration.

  • sammyjo

    wow how much does your niece look like you?
    i hate roaches their just not right! :(

  • Suzanne

    It’s never too early to talk about the release of the book. You’ve got to create a buzz. The cover is perfect and how wonderful that your niece could be the model. Her red hair and fair complexion are perfect!

    Looking forward to the book.


    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  • Natron

    The cover is really pretty, your niece is a beautiful girl. And i love the scarf, too.

    What I thought was funny is that the photographers last name “Gruen” also means Green in German :)

  • Lorrie

    The cover is gorgeous, and your niece is simply beautiful. Her hair with the green scarf and background – lovely.


  • Janice

    I am so pleased to see a family photo in your book! Your first book I hunted for photos of your sons…yourself….and wondered why not? Glad this one came together. She is beautiful, and I love her hair color with the green. Stunning book cover!!!

  • Heather L.

    I LOVE your new book cover!!! Green happens to be my favorite color. :) And your niece looks just beautiful! How special that it worked out for her to do that.

  • Blakely

    The Books cover looks great!

  • sandra

    i cant wait for your book!!

  • daisy janie : scoutie girl

    I don’t know if the first model was a redhead, but that cover couldn’t be more perfect with her hair, her look and the “green” of it all! I am a redhead, too, and I appreciate it all the more for that reason!

    Hope the book brings lots of good things your way! Can’t wait to check it out!

  • QuiltieComments

    The book cover is almost as beautiful as your niece! Congratulations! I can’t wait for your second book!!

  • Mary Ellen

    The cover couldn’t be nicer! your niece is a real beauty.

  • CarolAnn

    Betz, that is the perfect cover. I can’t imagine that any model would be better than that red headed beauty on the green background.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on book #2, Betz! Your niece is gorgeous…kudos to her on such a beautiful photo and what a wonderful addition to your hard work!
    Nancy in Seattle

  • Alessia

    Hi Betz! Congratulations! awesome cover and awesome scarf!! I just wanted to sew something like that but I didn’t have any idea on how to… Thank you again for the lovely bugs, I’m still astonished I won your giveaway! and your article prewiev is also a great gift: bag and hat are so nice, I wanna make them…

  • house on hill road

    betz – the book looks fabulous! how wonderful for you and your niece that she is on the cover! well done.

  • Lady Victoria & Co.

    Hi Betz. Thanks to Alessia I discovered your wonderful blog.
    I included your link in my own.

    I’d like to express you my congratulations.



  • Brigid

    Your new book sounds great. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Your niece is absolutely beautiful. I’d kill for her hair!

  • Mindful Momma

    It’s gorgeous!! How nice to have the cover to show off while you (patiently?) wait for the release date!

  • Inspired Tokens

    It’s an omen …I have to have this book! My name is ‘Alice’, see the connection? I can’t wait to see this book.

    PS Your niece is beautiful, as is the scarf!

  • angie

    Betz, the book looks just as beautiful as your niece Alice! That scarf…oh my I can’t wait to own this book! I just love your first one, and am currently collecting sweaters to felt to do…something!!!

  • Elizabeth

    your niece is PERFECT for your book cover! just perfect. what a lovely lady!

  • Linn

    She looks lovely! Maybe you were lucky the first model cancelled… :-)

  • babelfish

    So glad everything came together in the end, and to have your beautiful niece on the cover makes it all the more special. Love her hair colour against the greens, everything is just so perfect!

  • blair

    Betz it is so beautiful!! The cover model was just meant to be. I’m going to pre-order. xo

  • Erin Neiner

    twas no mistake, all the happenings, because the cover is just fabulous! your niece is perfect, beautiful and meaningful. her gorgeous hair balances out the green wonderfully! and I see, though maybe quite by mistake, that you coordinated the photographers last name to look like “green” wow. I’m impressed! :)

  • whimsy

    I honestly can not imagine that any other model would be as perfect!

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • Rachel Carlson

    oh my, FABULOUS cover, i love green, literally and figuratively. cheers to you!

  • KSee

    She is just beautiful. What a very special cover!

  • rifferaff

    can you tell i’m going through your archives. :) i love EVERYTHING about this photo. the hair, the scarf (!!), the typography, the transparent green band across the cover. everything is so RIGHT. wow, can’t wait to see the final product in its entirety.

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