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Well, it’s taken me all week to finish this, but my Reversible Bucket Hat PDF Pattern is now available in my etsy shop!

The Bucket Hat is simple to make and sized to fit you as well as your kids! Make it as using my hefty Hemp & Organic Cotton Canvas for a nice firm shape (above). I used my Picnic Floral print for the outer hat and crown lining and the Wood Pile print for the brim lining.

For this version, I lined the hat with a lighter weight solid fabric for a slightly floppier hat (seen above in my Sprig & Sprouts print. See also last post). I love the versatility of it’s reversibility! I found a solid organic cotton canvas made by Marcus called Oasis. I used it for the hat lining and also for the backs of my pillows.

If you’d prefer to reuse fabric, you can even make it with a repurposed pair of cargo pants and a dress shirt for the lining as I have here. With a little strategic placement, you can salvage a few of the original details, such as the little pocket! (Shown in Kids size on my 7 year old son. I told him it was a fishing hat and he promptly asked for embellish-fish).

The pattern is available in my etsy shop and will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase, so you can get busy *pronto* topping any noggin that needs shading.

This pattern is the first in my forthcoming series called, “Make New or Make Do”™ sewing patterns. These patterns have instructions showing how to make projects with new fabrics as well as with repurposed materials. Look for more to come!

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  • Diana

    I just peeked at your shop a few hours ago…yay! I LOVE the repurposed cargo pants idea, how cool! My husband has so many with blown out knees!

  • Michelle | Cicada Studio

    Adorbs! Love your new pattern collection name. Perfection.

  • W. Azam

    wow these are just awesome, wish i had a credit card or i wouldve bought your stuff for a special someone, but if i do get the chance, be sure that i will! xD

  • Michelle

    oooooh the hat is so cute! Alas the sun seems to have disappeared in Ireland so maybe I could make it out of oilcloth instead and use as a rain hat :o)

    I’m thinking of opening an etsy shop and would love any suggestions/comments if you get a mo here’s a link to my blog

  • Djane

    just got my pattern, betz! thks can’t wait to start!

  • mayaluna

    Just printed off the pattern and it looks great! Can’t wait to start… I love the oil cloth rain hat idea… then I can make one for Fall, too! Your lovely fabric arrived promptly, and what a wonderful, smooth canvas it is… really gorgeous and sturdy.Congratulations, again Betz!

  • Betz White

    Mayaluna and Michelle,
    For fall I was thinking baby cord! :)

  • Miaou

    Oh wow, I love this hat! I might just have to try making one of these.

  • Jennifer

    What great idea! I love the name “Make new or make do”. I wish you the best! You are so creative!

  • mommame

    I have not sewn anything since sewing class in middle school, but this is making me want to try again!

  • Djane

    Just made my first bucket hat! love it!! Made from recycled Dockers! Also, just bought your Warm Fuzzies book can’t wait to get Felting the sweaters!

  • Jacqui

    Love the pattern – I’ve just made it up and it was so beautifully easy to make. I especially loved that all the pieces actually fit each other and I didn’t have to stretch curves or swear and curse and pin like mad. I enlarged it by 5% to fit my 23″ head and it’s too big, so next time will make it to the proper size and it’ll be perfect. I know I’ll be churning out a few of these this coming summer and my husband had better look to his cargo pants in case I snaffle them up!

  • Jamie

    New to your sight. I have your book Warm Fuzzies and love it! You’re fabrics are amazing as well. I’ve always been facinated by artists who design fabrics. I’ve always got a million ideas for designs but never know what to do with them. Thanks for the joy your works brings to my life.

  • Nova

    I don’t understand the ads for these types of hats that tell you to just “turn it inside out if it gets dirty”. Unless you wash it or brush it off, wouldn’t you just be spreading the dirt to your hair? Regardless, the pattern is cute. :)

  • Linda

    This is a such a great idea. My daughter loves arts and crafts and we are always finding new projects to do together. I also like how you suggested using old clothing for the fabric.

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