What is it about little zippered pouches? I can never have enough of them! It must be my desire to compartmentalize and organize small amounts of stuff. A sewing kit, knitting tools, art supplies, make-up, miscellaneous things in the bottom of my purse.

After I made my perfect box pouch last week I decided to try a few more zippies in my “Family Cottage” fabrics. I had so much fun mixing and matching and pairing two prints together in each pouch. I decided to offer two different Sample Sets of 4 prints in my online shop. Perfect for little projects and when you need just a bit! (Looking for ready-made zippered pouches? Hopefully I’ll have some for sale this fall!)

Zippity-doo-dah…zipping through summer. Trying to zip up a few projects here so I can concentrate on back-to-school preparations. I’ve got one *ready* kid and one *reluctant* kid, so I need to put some thought into starting the school year off right.

What do you do to help the kids look forward to the school year? I’d love to know.