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What is it about little zippered pouches? I can never have enough of them! It must be my desire to compartmentalize and organize small amounts of stuff. A sewing kit, knitting tools, art supplies, make-up, miscellaneous things in the bottom of my purse.

After I made my perfect box pouch last week I decided to try a few more zippies in my “Family Cottage” fabrics. I had so much fun mixing and matching and pairing two prints together in each pouch. I decided to offer two different Sample Sets of 4 prints in my online shop. Perfect for little projects and when you need just a bit! (Looking for ready-made zippered pouches? Hopefully I’ll have some for sale this fall!)

Zippity-doo-dah…zipping through summer. Trying to zip up a few projects here so I can concentrate on back-to-school preparations. I’ve got one *ready* kid and one *reluctant* kid, so I need to put some thought into starting the school year off right.

What do you do to help the kids look forward to the school year? I’d love to know.

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  • wende

    We homeschool–so we plan a “fun class” for the year. This year, we’re using “Show Off” as our textbook. :D

  • jaunty magpie

    I love using the woven fabric pattern for the pouches. What a smart choice, and I think it gives the pieces a little sense of humor. Cheers to you — I love your blog, I’ve lurked it for a while! ;)

  • Laura Zarrin

    Neither boy is happy about school, so today we went to the supply drop off. They saw their new classrooms and their friends. They left happy. Still don’t want to go, but the anxiety seems to be gone. We’ll see how bedtime goes. That’s when it hits the fan.

  • Tammy James

    Gorgeous pouches!

  • Pam O.

    We have an annual tradition that gets our kids excited for back-to-school; the night before school starts we have ice cream sundaes for dinner at the local ice cream parlor. Our kids just started their senior year, and they still looked forward to it!
    PS- The pouches are darling!!

  • Turtles In North Dakota

    homeschool here too. So all I do is promise them their teacher wont loose it as early as she did last year!Ü

  • The {G} Family

    I just made one of the little boxy pouches this morning for my oldest son’s “treasures”. Of course, upon seeing their brothers pouch I promptly had a request for 2 more. I just completed those two as I sat down to read your blog. Oh No! I am in trouble now! LOL Thanks for the inspiration! Love them all, and the fabrics!

  • Corvus

    Looking at your pouches, I understand the addiction.

  • Christopher Robin

    All the pouches look great!

  • Georgia

    These are “sew” cute. I have only recently sewn my first zippers (into 2 skirts) with NOT startling results. For the life of me I cannot understand the instructions properly. It always seems so logical, but then, it’s not.

    As for the kids. I find getting out the lable maker and decorating their supplies always gets them excited. Even my 15 year old. At the moment we’re waiting for notification of classes and teacher allocations to come in the mail. The mail man nearly gets mobbed every day! I’m sure once they know more, then they’ll be more ready.

  • roger

    I just start getting meaner and meaner towards the end of the summer so my daughter can’t wait to get away from me!

  • Alison

    Love your new fabrics and zipper pouches! We did some simple silk-screening for back to school T-shirts (a big hit with my 9 year old son) and made zippered pencil pouches a la the perfect box pouch pattern.

  • henzy

    adorable pouches. great fabrics

  • Karlette

    Oh these are perfect make up pouches. You know how you are always hunting for your make up in your handbag. I was soooo looking for a bigger makeup pouch :-(

    I love these.

    Im going to put your post up on my shopping list.


  • Megan

    We try out new sandwich recipes the week before school- gets our “menu” set. I also let them decorate a “back to school tree”. It’s a small, 4ft. fake pine in our entry way. They hang painted apples and pencils from it.
    PS.Love the little pouches!!

  • Renee

    Those bags are precious…I hope you do sell them soon….

  • Amy

    Adorable pouches!
    The girls fill their new backpacks with their school supplies…they decide where everything should go…pencils in one pocket…ruler in another, etc. I like to start the school year organized…hope it carries thru to June!

  • equazioni

    hi, i’m francesca from italy
    just wanted to tell that i linked you on my blog!!

  • Organizing Mommy

    Those are perfect! Great job.

  • ohthecuteness

    The more things I see made from your fabric line the more I fall in love with it! So wonderful!

  • stitching under oaks

    your little pouches are so inspiring! thanks for sharing your work and the links. I love that little box one!

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