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Oh m’darlin’! I finally finished knitting the pair of socks I started in 2008. Ok, well, at least it was the end of 2008. I can’t make up my mind about how I feel about sock knitting. One minute I think it’s insane to knit anything on eensy weensy needles and the next minute I’m buying more gorgeous sock yarn. This delicious clementine colored yarn is from Sunshine Yarns. (I believe the colorway is called “starburst”) I love how they feel and they really brighten my mood!

Now my needles are empty and I’m looking for the next knit. Got any ideas? I’m liking this skating hat but I could really use a new pair of slippers.

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  • kat

    so cheerful in this winter weather! I’m doing colorwork socks right now & am sure I am crazy

  • abbie

    ohhh, I just love those colors! And your socks fit perfectly! To decide what to knit next…have you seen the Utube video from the Mason Dixon Knitters about their new book. Hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNzkxE8gcbg…perhaps your next knitting endeavor is in this one! Hope you are enjoying “back-to-school” as much as I am.

  • R.J.

    Beautiful socks! You’re so clever, I assume you also crochet. I saw a beautiful afghan during the holidays that was impressive. Here are three pictures.


  • suep

    check out Jane Thornley’s blog. She is a ‘free-range’ knitter that creates based on her mood and the colours and textures of yarn.
    i made a ‘thoughtless’ shawl a few years ago made solely with yarn that ‘did it for me’ lots of yummy texture, delicious colours. good stuff. her blog is a bit poem-y and artsy, but her creations are fab!

  • suep

    ah, i forgot, you should take a peak at ravelery. its a knitting community online. super stuff. lots of patterns. great creativity. i am making a vicki howell set of fingerless mitts copied from Alice of New Moon. super pretty mitts, bought my yarn on etsy.
    have fun!

  • Betz White

    Oh yes, ravelry…I have lost hours of my life there! :)

  • Blissful Knitting

    Love the socks, Betz! You could try some thick wooly socks on bigger needles–won’t take as long either : ). I too have a love/hate relationship with sock knitting. Love them while I’m knitting up the 1st one, love it when it’s done, but DREAD starting that 2nd one . . .

  • [email protected]

    they’re GORGEOUS!! I personally love knitting socks — especially since I started knitting sweaters. Those take forever compared to socks — so I usually have a pair of socks on the needle for quick ‘pick up while the kids play’ kind of knitting :)

  • Steph

    Lovely! Orange is my fave color!

  • Kate

    If you need slippers try these, they are a hit on Rav!

    French Press Slippers:


  • Kate

    Wow those socks, and that color, are really lovely. A shot of sunshine. I cannot wait for Spring, and I don’t even live in a particularly dreary place.

    I am undecided on sock knitting too! I have started so many pairs over the years, and always end up abandoning them at the tricky parts and making a chunky hat instead. So I applaud your follow through!

  • Kara Witham

    Fine work, I’m in awe of those who knit, I could never get my hands to work that way…

  • Tanya

    Mittens with sock yarn are lovely. . .and give you a chance to actually SEE the beautiful sock yarn you’ve fallen in love with instead of hiding it in your shoes!

    Now to toot my own horn. . .There is a lovely slouchy lace hat on Ravelry you may like!


  • Inspired Creatives

    These are darling. And look how well they coordinate with you custom fabric pillow! I love your designs. I must leave your site now, as the drool may short out my keyboard.

  • HookandScumble

    Lovely socks and great colour, can’t recommend any knitting patterns as I only crochet…so for some inspired felted crocheted slippers I’d recommend Stitch Diva.

  • Junkie Gems

    I love the color of your socks. I enjoy knitting socks at times too. Right now I have wool/ felting slippers on my needles. I really enjoy knitting them. I even more love to wear them!!!
    I will post pictures soon on my blog.

  • RID

    Love the colour socks!!!

  • Sew It To Me

    An item from your Etsy shop was featured on Sew It To Me. Check it out here – http://www.sewittome.blogspot.com!

  • Mary Lou Rutledge

    Betz, Please take a look at my blog at the little ear warmer/headband I just made. You might like to do one. It’s easy and so comfy…

  • Lisa Wallig

    Ah, the cute skating hat brings back memories of my first knitting projects…a pullover knitted crewneck sweater and a matching skating hat! P.S. Love the socks

  • MaryEQuilter

    Betz – I am behind in my blog reading and just saw your socks!! they are beautiful. I am addicted to socks too! Broke my ankle in Dec08 and was stuck in a chair for a long time. I started with Cat Bohrdi’s technique of knitting on two circular needles, still doing them one at a time. THEN – TA-DA !!! I found the method to knit both socks at the SAME TIME on two circular needles – soooo much more efficient.
    Here is the link to the site there are multiple lessons, but this gets you there – It takes away that love/hate thing and the “lone sock” sydrome.

    Mary In Massachusetts

  • Lori

    You have probably already started something, but if you need slippers and like maryjanes these might be just the pair.

  • Dani

    These turned out beautiful Betz! Your work is always so inspring — I just got a sewing machnie for my 30th birthday and will hopefully have a new hobby under my belt in the near future. Thanks so much for spreading the Sunshine :)

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