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Coming home from the thrift store with a bag full of bargains makes me so happy! Here is my favorite find from yesterday. A little sunny-side-up crocheted afghan for my studio couch:

Price tag: $1.99. It’s got one little hole I need to repair, but otherwise it is clean and lovely!

Other finds that brightened my day:

  • 3 pairs of cargo pants for those boys of mine with sprouting long legs. Each pair was like new and under $4 each!
  • 2 pairs of kid long underwear, snow pants, and gloves
  • 4 simple milk glass bowls, less than 50 cents a pc
  • wool and cashmere sweaters to felt and sew with
  • 2 large linen garments to cut and sew with
  • 4 vintage pillowcases for all kinds of crafting

Best of all, I shopped with a friend and had lunch together afterward to celebrate our success! (She has 2 girls, and I have 2 boys, so we almost never fight over finds!)

What simple things make you happy?

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  • Sally

    What a beautiful afghan, that’s a great find! I’m always looking for wool and cashmere too but I think they are quite sought after now, I haven’t had any luck lately. You’ve got a fab haul there! I love a good rummage in a charity shop!

  • PumpkinGirl

    Awesome scores! I love that blanket, and I always squeel a little when I find handmade blankets like that! Today I thrifted an American Tourister hard-side suitcase in RED with great faux-lace inside. It’s going to be the perfect place to stash the kid’s dress-up clothes!

  • The Monster and Me

    awesome!!! great find!

  • Sharon

    i am a sucker for thrift store finds as well….it’s the thrill of the hunt that does it for me…i never know what great book, designer dud or happy little cupboard is just waiting for a little fru fru lovin’ from me!

  • Vintage Chica

    Lovely afghan, I just can’t resist them when I find them in good color combinations. Im at the point I need to cull a few, but I just can’t let all of the hard work go sometimes.

  • Elsa

    Here in the Pacific Northwest we have lots of thrift stores! Goodwill even opened a ‘Goodwill Boutique’ on one of the more popular shopping streets here (I kid you not). It just opened, so I haven’t been yet, but I will soon, love thrifting!

  • Mommy Chicken

    You’ve inspired me to leave my cozy nest today and do some scouting. I’m on the hunt for vintage crochet thread. I’ll post my finds when I get back!

  • Joyful

    That afghan is a stupendous find. I can’t believe the price and it is in such great condition!

  • Jenny L

    Oh, sounds like a perfect day! And that afghan is just amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  • CherishedHearts Vintage

    I love, love, love the thriftstore. Each day they are open, I pop in for fifteen minutes (or longer if I run into someone I know) to see what is knew. Unbelievable the things you can find there. Very few wool and never cashmere at ours, but always a good choice of shirts for me, which is great as I’m really rough on clothes.

    Adding your blog to my list!

  • Lisa

    I love thrifting too… the right find can just make your whole day! The other simple thing I like is to get my favorite coffee drink when I’m running errands…it is comfort in a cup.

  • The Monkey Barrel

    I struck out this week thrifting. Maybe it’s God telling me to knock it off during our move :-)

  • Anonymous

    I’m jealous of all your finds. I hardly ever find anything good at the thrift store. I’m always stopping by to look for wool anything to felt but never have any luck. I believe I live in your area so can you make any suggestions? Love and read your blog everyday…you are so creative and inspirational to those of us who are not as creative but do love crafting.


  • Sher

    Very top of my list of things that make me happy is half price day at the thrift store! Love the white/orange crochet afghan you found – it’s a real treasure.

  • Kimberly

    I always wonder how people can let those handmade blankets go? I never had anyone to make a blanket for me, so I had to learn to crochet for myself.

  • js

    I fell in love with that afghan find. Since I’ve crocheted a little in granny squares, I thought I might attempt to make one. Does anyone have any leads on a similar pattern? It’s those little Pom-poms that I’ll need help with. Any advice or info you could give, would be so appreciated. Thanks and great thrifting!

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