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Every day this week I am revealing a new pattern from my Wildlife with Love™ collection. So far you’ve met Poppy and Pip Penguins and Flurry and Fluff Polar Bears. Today I’d like to introduce their pinniped friends, Slippy and Slide Seals!

As with P+P and F+F, this grown-up and baby duo are made with wool blend felt and have embroidered faces. I made the eyes with felt  and added just one little white french knot to each eye as the highlight. These might well be the most important stitches on the whole animal! That little glimmer brings out all of the personality in these little cuties. Each pattern includes an illustrated embroidery stitch glossary.

The mama (or daddy) seal, has an upright pose, while the baby is laying down. My in-house animal expert was on hand during the design process indicating that this was the best pose for the baby. Apparently baby seals do a lot of laying around!

Or sometimes they get playful and climb or slide down mom’s back…

So here’s a bit of exciting news… I mentioned on Monday that my 10 yr old animal-advocate son is my inspiration for this collection and that we are proud to support the National Wildlife Federation. Well, someone that works for NWF on the Ranger Rick website saw my post and contacted me. They love our concept and would like to feature my son and our story! How cool is that? I’ll be sure to share more information with you as things develop.

I hope you are enjoying the patterns so far! Slippy and Slide are now available in my etsy shop. I’ve gotten questions about skill level. I’d have to say the Wildlife with Love patterns would be best for  “confident beginners” or maybe “experienced beginners”. I don’t recommend this to be the first project you ever sewed, but I do think it could be your first stuffed animal. My pattern testers have a skill range from infrequent sewer to more advanced. Their comments and input have really made my instructions helpful and clear, in my opinion! :)

Come back Thursday to see the next pattern! I’ll give you a hint: it is not another stuffed animal!

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  • Ludo braille

    Magnifique création !!!

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