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I’ve been reading Blair Stocker’s blog, Wise Craft Handmade pretty much since I started reading blogs back in 2006. Although we’ve never met in person, I consider Blair a friend, a kindred spirit, and a down-to-earth creative person. I was thrilled to hear she had written a book and even more happy to get my hands on a copy! (thanks to Running Press)

wise craft book
Blair’s book! And pillow that I purchased from her etsy shop a few years ago.

Her first book, Wise Craft: Turning Thrift Store Finds, Fabric Scrap, and Natural Objects into Stuff you Love, is a wonderful collection of projects by the Blair we know and love from her blog. She has a knack for turning old things into special new objects to enhance the home. Like her blog, Blair’s book focuses on creating a homemade atmosphere that reflects your family rather than buying new. You know I love that re-make mentality! Blair’s approach is not so much an effort to be “green” as it is to make it better, make it clever, and make it count.

wise craft TOC page
the Winter chapter

The book is laid out into 4 project chapters, arranged by season, with a whopping 60 projects in all. I love the thumbnail photos at the beginning of each chapter for a quick visual reference of what’s in store. The projects include a wide variety of handcrafts: some sewing, some painting, some embroidery, etc. There’s a nice balance between small projects and larger more involved ones.


wise craft chair

I thought this chair was very clever with the embellished woven back. Thrift store chair + stash yarn = unique addition to your home!


wise craft toile board

And here’s a memo board with a sense of humor. Blair covered it with a traditional toile print then made it fun with embroidered phrases.

I’ve never met Blair in person but we’ve exchanged emails over the years and have even spoken on the phone a few times. We have a lot in common: our kids are the same age, we both worked in the fashion industry before starting our blogs, and we have a similar approach to making. Blair is really relatable and her personality comes through in her book, which I consider a huge accomplishment.

I hope you’ll consider giving Wise Craft a look. You can also watch her book trailer and check out her blog, Wise Craft Handmade. Now, which project shall I make first?

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