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I often post here about my sock knitting, which usually involves combining fun yarn with a basic sock pattern. I wear wool socks all winter long and into the early spring. But what about now? When it’s crazy hot one day and damp and rainy the next? I still want wool for my feet just not quite so much of it.


I had seen a knitting pattern on the Purl Bee for pom pom peds awhile back. Do you remember wearing them a few decades ago? Cute little footies with poms on the back to keep them from falling down inside your Keds? I loved those!


Instead of using the Purl Bee pattern, I relied on my trusty How I Make My Socks instructions by Susan B Anderson. I’ve got this pattern down pat so why not just make them shorter? Y’know, like 6 1/2 inches shorter! All I did was cast on and knit the rib cuff then added about 4-5 rows of stockinette before  moving on to the heel flap. Perfect! Of course they knit up super fast and I have enough yarn to make a second pair. (I bought this Regia Super Jacquard 07203 yarn here)


I used a little pom pom maker I have from a vintage craft kit (very similar to this) to make the pom poms. Then attached them to the back of the cuff. I tell you, pom poms just make everything cuter. And more fun. Need more fun in your life? Add a pom pom!


Not only am I having more fun with my pom-adorned peds, I’ll have less sock slippage when I’m wearing my kicks. Because you know, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Oh and here’s a completely unrelated Head’s Up for you: I’ve got a big reveal next week of a new collaborative project I’m really excited about! Come back on Monday to read all about it, you’ll want to get in on this!

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  • Laura Nelkin

    That is the best modification EVER! Everyone needs pom-poms on their shortie socks!

    • Betz White

      Thanks, Laura! Pom poms for the win!

  • Laura Nelkin

    That is the best modification ever! All shortie socks need a pom-pom!

  • Candice

    Quote – ” I’ll have less sock slippage when I’m wearing my kicks. Because you know, ain’t nobody got time for that.”

    Still giggling at that comment. What a super cute idea, and I remember the look. Great, so now I have one more thing to add to my “to knit” list. LOL

  • Rebecca

    These are so, so cute! I LOVE the addition of pom poms, they make these so fun. Gorgeous yarn!

  • Jules

    The sox are cute but who makes those cool sneaks? I love them!

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