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Since I finished my sweater and my Christmas knitting, I haven’t posted anything about my knitting. For me winter means wool socks and I’m knitting as many pairs as possible. Granted, sock knitting can be a tad boring, but they are a great no-brainer knit during the Olympics or when binge watching House of Cards, for example.

sock yarn

Another sure way to beat sock knitting boredom is with fantastic exciting yarn! I’m on a jacquard yarn bender! Much like self-striping yarn, this yarn actually makes a repeating pattern of dashes, checks and stripes. How cool is that? And is it ever addicting, I just can’t wait to see what’s coming onto my needles next. I know, I’m easily amused. The pink and blue skeins, above, and the socks below are Regia Super Jacquard. The yarn is sadly discontinued but you can find it if you search on etsy or ebay.

jacquard knit socks

I love how these turned out! The yarn is a super wash wool blend, not too soft but not itchy either. I use Susan Anderson’s pattern called How I Knit My Socks. In fact, she’s the culprit that turned me on to this yarn. Enabler.

jacquard sock knitting

The yarn above is called Luxury Sock by Loops & Threads. It’s a blend of super wash merino wool, nylon and cashmere. Yummy! I bought 2 balls at Michael’s on sale.

I mean really, how can that patch-worky looking ball of yarn transform into a beautiful jacquard sock?  Come to think of it, knitting itself still amazes me. I’m always saying things like this to my husband, “Look! This was a ball of yarn and now it’s SOCKS. I did that!” It’s pretty darn amazing, don’t you think?

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  • sandyharsh

    Love those yarns and the resulting socks! The last pair has a certain Mardi Gras vibe with the purple/green/gold color scheme.

  • sandyharsh

    Do you still have the color number for the first pair of socks, by any chance? Love the aqua/orange combination.

  • Sue Treiber

    I really love the colors in the finished pair. I’m resisting the urge to hunt down the yarn.
    I did, however, go to Michaels and get some of the Loops & Threads. This time, you are the enabler!

  • Joyful

    Beautiful yarn and patterns. Makes me think I could knit some socks ;-)

  • YarnAddictAnni

    I agree about sock knitting. I have a Zauberball Crazy sock on the go in my handbag ready to knit on the plane to Jersey tomorrow.

    • Allison

      Is knitting on a plane allowed? i havent flown in years

      • Betz White

        Yes! I always do and have never had a problem.

  • Tina in Boston

    Wow! Amazing how the stripes turn out! You are inspiring me to pick up knitting again — someday, after I get all my sewing WIPs done!

  • Rebecca

    I have been in love with the sock photos you’ve been posting on Instagram! The yarns are so fun!
    And I am drooling over those hexagons in that last photo!

  • Allison

    In your sock knitting have you ever used circular needles with the short needles. I saw a picture of them once but can not remember where and do not know where to get the needles.

    • Betz White

      No, I’ve only used regular DPN’s. Maybe search on ravelry?

  • dah zoltanski

    I want to learn how to knit! Love your socks!

  • Kathleen

    I love knitting socks. I have a devoted group of sock monsters who beg for my socks. I especially enjoy knitting socks as it is, for the most part, mindless. I used circular needles until the flap when I switch to three needles. After the heel turn I place on the circulars again. It really speeds up the process, I think.

  • Liz

    I love your socks. I have been searching for the Kolibri 7204 online for weeks now (after seeing them on Susan’s blog). The prices are ridiculous at 39.00 on ebay. Did you purchase yours on Etsy or Ebay? or somewhere else?
    Beautiful job and thank you for sharing them.

  • Sharon

    I actually have found myself trying to figure out how ANYONE looked at string and sticks and came up with knitting — I actually looked it up and it seems that it evolved from knots and netting — and i guess from there someone envisioned a tool to make it more efficient.

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