Please welcome Mollie of Wild Olive to the Cupcake Party where we continue to celebrate my 10 year Blogiversary all month long. You might know Mollie for her adorable embroidery designs and today she’s sharing a special one with us! – Betz


When I received an invitation to a Cupcake Party, I came running. Seriously. The other day I was saying that there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for cake. But frosting and sprinkles aside, I love celebrating people and their achievements, and 10 years of blogging is a big deal. Congratulations, Betz! And thanks for having me!

I’ve always been a fan of working with felt, and I LOVE Betz’s felt designs. Cupcakes + embroidery + felt seemed like the appropriate thing to make for this party!

You will need:
Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy (or your favorite transfer method)
Embroidery Floss and/or Perle Cotton
Straw (optional)
Basic sewing/embroidery supplies

Cupcake Banner PDF


Print flag shape on paper and the two cupcake shapes on the Sticky Fabri-Solvy.

I usually have odd shaped pieces of Sticky Fabri-Solvy around, so I printed the cupcake page on paper, then taped pieces of the Fabri-Solvy over the shapes. Then I ran this page through the printer a second time, and I didn’t use a whole sheet of the material.


Cut out the banner shape from felt. Place the pattern for the bottom part of the cupcake on the banner. It should be centered horizontally and about 1” up from the indent of the banner.

Bake the cupcake…er…embroider the design. I used chain stitch for the outside and running stitch for the inside lines, both with three strands of brown floss.


Place the frosting section of the pattern on felt in a contrasting color. Embroider the sprinkles and stitch the face with french knots and back stitch. (Usually sprinkles come last, but it works out better this way…trust me!)

Cut out the frosting shape on the main outline. Soak the banner and frosting piece in room temperature water to remove the Fabri-Solvy. Let it dry and iron both pieces from the back.


Frost your cupcake! Pin the frosting in place so it overlaps the top of the cupcake just a bit. Stitch around the edge with running stitch.


Cut a 2×5” piece of fabric and fold it in half across the top of the banner. It should overlap the felt, while leaving some room above the felt too. Pin the fabric as you stitch across the banner. Use running stitch and be sure to go through all of the layers.


For extra stability, cut a piece of a drinking straw just a little shorter than the fabric and slide it in the fold at the top. Thread a piece of embroidery floss or perle cotton through the straw as a hanger and tie the ends together. The piece I used was about 18” long.

The straw is optional, as you can thread the string through the fold. A doll needle is helpful for this.

Making one banner to hang by itself is fun, but you could make a whole garland of these, each with a different flavor of cupcake!

Happy crafting, and happy blogiversary, Betz!


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