Please welcome Sweet Jenny Belle to the Cupcake Party where we continue to celebrate my 10 year Blogiversary all month long. See how Jenny has transformed my non-edible Cupcake Pincushion into one of her amazing (and delicious) cookies!- Betz

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Jenny’s inspiration for her cookie design!

Good morning friends! I am so honored to be a part of this celebration. I remember when I purchased “Warm Fuzzies” 10 years ago. Betz was giving us permission to cut up and create in a whole new way, I was an instant super fan and have been following her ever since.

I was lucky enough to meet her about 6 years ago at Jo Packham’s Creative Connection. I was there to pitch a book idea and Betz was on a panel to help educate us on the process. I hung on her every word and I have never forgotten that meeting – it truly changed my life and business. She taught me that we can support each other without dimming our own success. We can share our ideas and collaborate, and we will all benefit.

My path has changed quite a bit in those past 6 years and Betz has always been such a sweet cheerleader. I’m now an established cookie artist and love teaching others this sweet art. Today I’m going to walk you through how to cookiefy Betz’ cupcake pincushion.

• cupcake cookie (you can use any roll out cookie recipe and cupcake cutters can be easily found at your local craft store)
• flood icing in the following colors: brown, pink, yellow, white, red, green, blue

• Create the illusion of a wool brown cupcake wrapper by icing thick brown stripes. Leave space between the stripes until the icing sets.

• While you are waiting for the first round of brown stripes to set, ice a thick pink stripe of frosting on top of the cupcake wrapper. Add a second thick pink stripe of frosting, leaving a space between the two layers.
• By now your brown stripes for the wrapper have slightly hardened. Carefully ice the remaining brown stripes to complete the wrapper.

• Fill in the cupcake icing with two thick sets of yellow icing. Leave a space at the top for the cherry and leaf.


• About 1/4″ down from the top of the brown cupcake wrapper, ice a thick white rik-rak.
• Pipe a green leaf at the top of the cupcake and a big red dot to be the cherry on top.

• Add a few large dots on the top of the cupcake to represent the sewing pins
• Allow your cookie to set 8-12 hours and enjoy!

Thank you so much for spending your time with me and I hope you try to create a dozen sweet Betz cupcake cookies.


Isn’t that amazing?! Thanks so much to Jenny for sharing her frosting techniques! If you want to learn more about Jenny and her fabulous edible creations, visit the Sweet Jenny Belle website and shop!  – Betz