Happy April 1st!

Introducing the Carry-out Carry-all Bag! Perfect for ladies-who-lunch then bring home leftovers. I’ve always loved using upcycled materials and brown paper grocery sacks are plentiful, spacious, and free! The utilitarian rope strap frays nicely into a tassel and the silver duct tape accents add just the right amount of bling. No need to worry about needle size, matching thread, or even skill level, as this is a no-sew project. Your friends will be so impressed, they won’t BELIEVE you made it yourself!

April Fool’s! Did I have you going? I hope you had a little bit of fun with that, but let’s get on with the REAL April Bag of the Month!……

Introducing the Moxie Crossbody Bag!


This bag’s got moxie! Meaning: energy, spunk and sass! (Moxie is also the name of the first mass-produced soft-drink in the US, circa 1876!) This crossbody bag features a cute rounded shape, a darted exterior pocket with a large flap and tongue lock, a recessed zipper and an asymmetrical top.

I used cork for the main fabric. The accent fabric is a floral quilting cotton from my new print collection, Juxtaposey, produced by Riley Blake. If you’d prefer not to use a non-woven (such as cork, leather or vinyl), I’ve written the instructions to accommodate wovens as well, such as a lightweight canvas.


Stacy of StacySews made this Moxie with home dec fabric

Cindy's Moxie Crossbody Bag

Cindy of Raspberry Sunshine used a woven herringbone as her main fabric

Katie used just a bit of vinyl to trim the flap and opted for a twist lock closure

Moxie Crossbody Bag Pattern by Betz White

Tara of Uh Oh Creations used cork and quilting cotton

The interior of the bag has a recessed zipper,  enough space for your daily essentials and a zippered pocket. The strap is double-sided and adjusts with a slider buckle.

I don’t know about you, but I love smallish-to-medium-sized crossbody bags! Everything’s at your fingertips while keeping your hands free. If you’re not a member of the Bag of the Month Club, hop on over to www.bagomc.com to join! You’ll get the Moxie Crossbody Bag pattern and the 3 other patterns that have been released so far. Special thanks to all of my pattern testers!