I’m excited to create some new youtube videos for you this summer! I’ve got some tech-savvy teens around so I am putting their skills to use! I’m starting with a basic tutorial for my Llamallooma Pom-pom Maker. I’ve already done a photo tutorial on the blog, but I think having a video is pretty darn handy to have as well.

I hope you enjoyed watching! Once question I get frequently is about making pompoms dense and fluffy. The key is in the size of the yarn you use! The skinnier the yarn, the more wraps you’ll need. Thick yarn needs less. It’s that simple! I’ve made a guide for you illustrating what a difference yarn size makes!


Here I’ve used 3 different yarns for comparison. In the first column I’ve made pompoms with each yarn wrapping them 100 times around the Llamallooma. The thin yarn, fingering weight, makes a smallish pom-pom after trimming. The medium yarn, worsted weight, has about a 2″ diameter while the bulky sized “thick” yarn is about 3″ after trimming! So if you want a thicker bigger pompom you’ll need to use thicker yarn or wrap more times.

All the examples here have been trimmed well. If you’re worried about your pom-pom getting too small after a proper haircut, wrap extra! You’ll notice that I didn’t show an example of the thick yarn wrapped more than 100 times. That’s about the maximum wraps the Llamallooma can handle.

I hope the video and guide are helpful! Llamalloomas are available in my shop. Making pompoms is a fun, portable project to take with you on your summer adventures. Stay tuned for more videos and projects to make with your poms!