wrap. give. repeat.

This weekend I prepped for my workshops and art fair coming up. I was playing around with my vintage sheet stash, serger, and my sewing machine’s new hemmer foot when I had a brainstorm. [...]

she’s campy and crafty

Attention Campers! Saturday June 6th is the Squam Art Fair with a Ravelry Party and Marketplace! Even if you are not attending the workshops, you can come be social, hob-nob with the crafty sorts [...]

:: blushing ::

Aw shucks, you guys, I’m blushing. Your comments last post were SO sweet, I read and savored each and every one! Here’s a pretty fleur for you to show my appreciation. (My husband [...]

Blog Years

Are blog years something like dog years? My blog is 3 years old…is that like a toddler or a 21 dog-year old dog? My 3 year blogiversary was May 1st. Sorry Dear Blog, I forgot. Maybe instead [...]

green and serene

My editor, Melanie Falick, has posted a few alternate cover concepts for Sewing Green over on her blog. Don’t you wish your sewing space was al fresco, such as this one? Complete with a [...]

inspiring me

Not laundry, sillies…pillowcases! I’ve been collecting them at the thrift shops and have loads of ideas for fun stuff to make out of them. I’m working on a tutorial right now. [...]

leaf turning

This morning the weather was beautiful. I went for a long walk and came across these gorgeous pink azaleas. What a color! I’m making a concerted effort this week to get back into a regular [...]

treat and retreat

Close your eyes. Think of summer camp and bonfires. Imagine a lake surrounded by pine trees under a glorious sky. Picture yourself hanging out with other creative souls with nothing but time, [...]