This is Part 2 of a round up of all of the great projects made last year by my awesome 2015 Sewing Collective Team! (See Part 1 here) Again, I took a moment to ask each contributor what their plans are for the new year.


Melissa of A Happy Stitch, above, enjoyed making sweet stuff for her kids and chic stuff for herself! What will we see more of from Melissa in 2016?

“I’m looking forward to a year spent exploring design and artistry outside of my usual comfort zone. After a year of purchasing no new clothing (sewing it or buying used) I’ll be continuing to explore how to be sustainable, comfortable and fashionable at the same time.  It promises to be a big, bold year.” That’s impressive!



Stephanie of Swoodson Says, above, has a eye for cute and colorful projects that make you go, “Awww!” What’s in store for her this year?

“I think the most interesting thing I have going on for 2016 is the second year of my ‘Try Something New Every Month’ project. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but everyone is encouraged to participate; there is a monthly link-up and facebook group to keep each other motivated to stop pinning and start creating. The introductory blog post is here. I am always sharing tutorials and patterns for softies and toys, too, which won’t change for 2016!” That sounds like a blast!

Shiny Happy World, above, brought her expertise of adorable appliqué to the team. What’s going on in her world for the coming months?

“I’ve got two big things going on in the first part this year. My Shiny Happy Houses appliqué quilt project just started and it’s off to a great start with a couple hundred people building fun quilt blocks with my new mix & match pattern. There’s more info and a link to sign up here. I’m also continuing my fun Dress Up Bunch Club this year. Members get a new doll pattern in January, and then a pattern for a new outfit and accessory for that doll every month for the rest of the year. It’s a lot of fun – these dolls have a better wardrobe than I do! More info here!” So fun! I wonder if those doll clothes size up to human? 🙂

Sovanisa, above, made great accessories for the Sewing Collective this year with some pretty practical upgrades. What’s next for her?

“My personal sewing goal is to get a dress form and start trying to learn more about drafting/sewing clothes for me to expand my skill set.” I love that idea!

Raspberry Sunshine, above, dazzled us with her impressive bag making skills! How will she impress up in 2016?

“This year I’m going to continue designing and sewing handbags for my Etsy shop.  I hope to continue my pattern testing work as well. I have two major goals this year wtih my business.  One is the release of my first pdf pattern, The Diane Tote and others to come.  The second is to be published through magazine work or book. On my blog this year I will be sharing my adventures in learning the leathercraft trade, something very new for me but so exciting.  I will continue to review handbag patterns, work on custom orders and share everything I come across related to handbag design and sewing.”  Sounds fantastic!

Big special Thank You! to the Sewing Collective Team that really made this year amazing. They certainly inspired me and I hope they inspired you too with all of their creativity. Be sure to keep you eyes on these ladies and their sewing adventures to come!