Mini Pompom Tutorial betz white

Would  you rather make one regular sized pom-pom or 2 mini ones? Well, you can make both with the Llamallooma Pom-pom Maker! To make a regular size (about 2 1/2″ using worsted weight yarn, orange pompom above) follow along with my Basic Pom-pom Tutorial or Basic Pom-pom How-to Video. To make minis, read below!


minipom tutorial steps

1) First you’ll refer to the Basic Tutorial for wrapping the bundle of yarn around the legs of the Llamallooma. Next, instead of tying the center of the bundle, you’ll use 2 ties. Knot hem close to the legs as seen above in Figure 1.

2) Next, slide the bundle off the legs. Turn the bundle over and tie both ties again a second time, cinching it as tightly as possible!

3) With small scissors, cut the loops at both ends.

4) Cut the center of the bundle between the 2 ties. This will separate the bundle into 2 pompoms.


minipoms plus regular

Now trim them into spheres and you’re done! They end up to be about 1″ in diameter and can be used as accents on all sorts of projects like hair accessories, pillows, bags and more. I’ve got a super cute tutorial using Llamallooma mini pom-poms coming up next! (Hint: it involves flip-flops!) Stay tuned!