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Betz White Pompom Pumpkin Tutorial finished title

Pompom Pumpkins (pomkins?) couldn’t be easier  to make and they are so cute! String them into a garland to decorate  your home for Halloween. While you’re at it, add a few ghost tassels why don’t you? Of course I used my Llamallooma Pom-pom Maker to make both. You can find the Llamallooma in my Etsy Shop and the tutorials to use it here: Basic Pom-pom photo tutorial, Basic Pom-pom video tutorial, Tassel photo tutorial


Betz White Pompom Pumpkin Tutorial1

To make your Pompom Pumpkin Garland, you’ll need to make several orange pompoms, depending on the length you want your garland. I used my Llamallooma and a worsted weight yarn. You’ll also need scissors, craft glue, green felt, twine, a few straight pins and a needle with a large eye.


Betz White Pompom Pumpkin Garland Tutorial collage

1)  To make the stem, start with a piece of green felt measuring 1″ wide and a few inches long. Apply a line of glue across the end.

2) Roll the end of the felt over into the glue and keep rolling until the stem is the thickness you want. Trim off the excess and apply another line of glue.

3) Press the roll together and wipe off any extra glue with a damp paper towel. Pin the roll and let it dry.

4) Separate the strands of the pompom and add a blob of glue to the end of the stem.

5) Push the stem into the center. Hold it in place for a minute for the glue to set. Trim the stem if needed with scissors.

6) After you’ve made several pumpkins and the glue is dry, thread your needle with twine or cord. Gently squeeze the pom pom to find the center tie. You’ll want to insert the needle into the pompom through the tie, about 1/3 down from the top. (If you go straight through at the halfway point the weight of the stems will flip your pumpkins upside down! Ask me how I know.) Pull the needle through slowly with the pompom cupped in your hand. Don’t worry if a few strands of yarn sneak out but try to minimize that by pulling gently.


Betz White Pompom Pumpkin Tutorial finished

If you want to add a few ghosts to your garland, make up a few tassels with white yarn! (My son thought they were garlic cloves to keep vampires away, lol. I guess you could add eyes!) Thread the ghosts through the top part of the tassels alternating with pumpkins.


Betz White Pompom Pumpkin Tutorial finished shelf

So fun! I love how this looks! Black cording instead of twine would  be a nice contrast with the orange and white yarn. The pompom pumpkins could also be hung individually or grouped on a table top display. Have fun with this!

Do you enjoy decorating for Halloween? What are your traditions?


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  • Priscilla

    This is such a clever and cute garland! Halloween isn’t as big a deal in our family as Christmas, so we don’t really decorate much for Halloween, just a painted banner (like a giant pumpkin, for example) on the front door for trick-or-treators. We also try to buy YUMMY candy. Our houses are sort of far apart with empty lots and so forth. If the kids are going to work that hard to go door-to-door in our neighborhood, we’re going to make it worth their effort!

    • Betz White

      Thank you! So nice you make it worth the trip to your house to see those costumes!

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