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Let’s finish up the stitching on our Entomologie dragonflies! So far we’ve gone over the Backstitch and Chain Stitch, Next let’s discuss the French Knot, one of my favorite stitches for adding just a little something.

Entomologie SAL wings

You can see that I’ve added French Knots at the ends of the backstitching on the lower wings and as an accent on the tips of the upper wings and body. I also used a bigger French knot (with 4 wraps) for the center of the flowers.

Here’s a quick video tutorial of how to embroider a French Knot:


Entomologie SAL wings2

I also want to address the single chainstitch or “Lazy Daisy” that is used for the flower on the upper wing circle. Start by marking a dot in the center of the circle with a disappearing ink pen. Then stitch one chain link (or daisy petal!) starting at the center dot and going straight up towards the edge of the circle. That’s the “north” petal. Take one tiny anchor stitch at the top to secure. Then stitch a “south” petal followed by east and west, all radiating out of the center point.


Entomologie SAL wings3

I find that making a daisy this way spaces the petals evenly so you can add another petal in between each of the first four. Finish off your flower with a French Knot in the center!

How are your embroideries coming along? Post your WIP in the School of Wool FB group or tag it with #entomologiestitchalong on Instagram! Friday I’ll show you how to finish the back of your hoops!

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