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Before we start I want to say – when bag making I find sticky notes to be my BEST friend! If you have any questions today or during the sew-along, join us in the FACEBOOK GROUP! Lots of fun and chat! and we’d love to see your progress pics!

Betz White Seneca Creek Sew-along

There can be a lot of pieces to cut and most without a pattern piece. So when you look at that long cutting list and words blur it is easy to miss pieces in your cutting. and going back to cut those missed is just a hassle I like to avoid.

To combat this problem I like to get out the sticky notes and write out all the pieces I need on their own note – with color code (interfacing, main, accent, etc).

Betz White Seneca Creek Sew-along

Then I stick the notes to the cutting layout page so I can be sure I didn’t miss anything and take the notes off and put on the fabric after it is all cut!

Here are my pieces all laid out and ready to go. Ironing on interfacing is the next step we need to do today. You can follow this interfacing tip if you didn’t pre-cut your pieces.

Betz White Seneca Creek Sew-along

Now make sure you have all your EXTRA’s ready to go,


  • 7” interior zipper
  • 9” exterior zipper
  • (2) 1” slider buckles (one for strap, one for flap)
  • (1) 1⁄2” magnetic snap
  • (2) 1⁄2” D-rings
  • (2) 1” swivel-clips

Betz White Seneca Creek Sew-along

So, crank some rocking tunes and get to all that ironing! Next post we start sewing!


The Seneca Creek Sew-Along


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  • Lenka

    OMG, I love your sticky note system. Sometimes I use masking tape if I have many pieces to deal with. I write all over my patterns, color notes etc. to keep me organize.
    I am getting ready to make 3 bags, I already cut all my pieces last night. Hopefully I will get to do some sewing today.
    Still need zippers so I will have to make a stop at a local craft store.
    Thank you for helping us in our sewing adventures!

  • Cheryl

    WOW. What a great tutorial. Wish I were making this just because the sticky notes make it pretty. Great great great. Even though I have sticky notes they don’t look as good as this. I”m going to incorporate this technique as it does help so much in organizing your pieces. There are a lot that look like each other and can be off by just an inch and make a big difference in completing your project. Love this so much. The check off list. man. just great. Really a great way to make a beautiful bag.

  • Cheryl

    may I have the name of the post it kit that you use?I went to post it but can’t seem to see one that looks like this. I love these. (4 packages of big yellows in the draw) lol

  • Angelina

    Yes, name of the post it kit please! Great tip!

    • Betz White

      Jeanine got it as a freebie somewhere. Sorry, no info for you! I’ve seen similar ones at Staples I think.

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