workshop weekend

Well, I’m off! I’ve got a four hour drive ahead of me up to Minneapolis for the weekend. I am teaching two workshops for the Sewing Lounge at the Textile Center. The workshops are all [...]


As my new friend Susan B. Anderson would say…Guess who won the battle with the manuscript? That would be me! Whew…Friday was my BIG manuscript deadline for Warm Fuzzies. I’ve [...]

new look

While my blog still wears its familiar face, click up there on “home” to visit my newly redesigned website! My web-o-rific hubby has been working tirelessly to freshen things up a [...]

I Spy…

…a tutorial in the making. Can you tell what it will be? Let me know, ‘cuz I haven’t figured it out yet. I’ve been doodling sweet somethings for Easter. Look for the [...]