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Yippee! I’m excited to have some new Llamallooma kits for you! Last time I offered them they sold out fairly quickly. Some folks were disappointed to have missed them.  So I decided to pull together a new group of kits, this time with a few upgrades!

Llamallooma kit bags by Betz White

llamallooma kit navy/green

llamallooma kit green/fuchsia

llamallooma kit red/indigo

Let’s talk about the Project Bag, shall we? It’s a 9″ x 12″ bag with a drawcord, big enough to fit the kit plus a small project. I can never have enough bags like this for my crafts, small knitting projects, etc. The kit bags are made from fabric I design for Riley Blake Designs, my Juxtaposey Collection. There’s the Navy Medallion, the Green Juxtaposey Stripe and the Red Llama toss print.


llamallooma pom pom maker

Inside the bag is one LLamallooma™ Pom-pom maker that comes with a super cute instruction card for making basic pompoms. This tool is also great for making mini-pompoms, tassels, loopy pompoms, fruity shaped pompoms and more! (Those are all clickable links to tutorials!)


wooly worsted ewe ewe yarn

Ooh, now let’s talk about this yarn. I’m a sucker for bright soft wooly yarn. The yarn I chose for the kits this time is super squishy and amazing. It’s 100% merino wool yarn from Ewe Ewe Yarns. It’s divine! And it seriously makes the best pompoms. Heather Waplpole, the founder of Ewe Ewe Yarns created the best color palette for her yarns! They coordinate perfectly with my Juxtaposey fabrics, coincidentally.


llamallooma llasso kit parts

Ok, now for the exciting part, my newest “invention”, the Llamallooma Llasso! Occasionally I hear the comment that pompoms are difficult to tie tightly. And that definitely can be a problem! Last year when I was making pompoms for my yarn bombing projects, I needed the pompoms to be strong to withstand the weather and the public messing with them. So I used cable ties to attach the pompoms to the lampposts. And then I thought, what if I use them to actually cinch up the pompoms?! So I did some research, scoured the internet, tested many types and found the perfect pom-cinching ties! And the Llamallooma LLasso was born!

Basically instead of using yarn to tie the center of the pompom, you can use a llasso. When you buy the kit you’ll get a full set of 20 llassos (clear and rainbow colors). You’ll also get some metal findings that can help turn your pompoms into zipper pulls, charms, or even a key chain. Watch this video to see how it’s done!

The kits are available now in my shop! You can also buy the Llamallooma Pom-pom Maker  and the Llamallooma Llasso Set separately. They make great gifts and would look pretty sweet sitting in an Easter Basket, just saying.




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