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day 6

Hooray for ZIPPERS!

Today we are going to do the inside pocket. You might be tempted to skip this step – and although you “can”….. a zippered inside pocket is VERY VERY useful and NOT hard to do!

Fist I want you to get your inside zippered pocket rectangle and put it face down on the back lining. centred and 1 inch from the top of the lining piece.

pic (1)


Now you are going to make your zippered box. I find it easiest if I fold these pieces in half and give a quick iron so my centre crease is very well seen. Then draw a line one inch from the top of the zippered pocket 3.5 inches on either side of the crease. How far down you go depends on your zipper width. but a third of an inch should be a close guideline (but please do measure your zipper!) Draw the down lines on both sides of the top line and then connect the bottoms so you have a perfect rectangle.


pic (2)


Now, half an inch from the narrow edge draw a dot on both sides and then draw two lines going to the corner – for each corner.and then a line connecting those 2 dots so you have a clear centre line for your long box.


pic (3)


Now we are going to sew all the way around the outside of the box. For this I HIGHLY recommend lowering your stitch length.


pic (4)

pic (5)


This is where taking the extra five minutes to draw all those lines inside the box will come in handy! Cut the lines! the long line in the centre and to each corner, being VERY careful to not cut the stitching but to also get as snug into the corner as you can (this is why we decreased our stitch length)


pic (6)

pic (7)


Now push the pocket bag through the hole and press it good!


pic (8)

pic (9)


A well pressed box to sew the zipper in will be your best friend here. Do not skip the ironing and the getting everything tidy! Pull the corners a bit as you iron so they get nice and smooth.


pic (10)


If you have the wonder tape use that here, I did not. so I used a glue stick, which works great, you just need a little patience waiting for it to dry…


pic (11)


Get your zipper centred and ready to sew in the box area. If you are waiting for glue to dry it is a good time to grab a cookie.


pic (12)


Sew around the box nice and close to the edge, open and close the zipper pull as needed to make sewing easier.


pic (13)


Now fold the zippered pocket back up and align the edges.


pic (14)


Sew around all three open edges. JUST through the pocket pieces, not the bag lining piece.


pic (15)


All done for the day!!!! See – it wasn’t soooo bad right ? Zippers ARE fun!


pic (16)

The Seneca Creek Sew-Along



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  • Lenka

    This a cute pocket that is well hidden inside the bag and surprisingly is a very good size.
    I had hard time finding zippers I liked. Since then I ordered whole bunch on line (on your recommendation) and I have been happy with it. I cannot match exactly the zippers but now I can match fabric to the zippers :)

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